Why Sonic VA? Consistency, Clarity & Certainty

Daniel Meyer
4 min readApr 29, 2020

Most of the time I’m talking about the virtues of hiring a virtual assistant and scaling a business through virtual staffing, I make sure I share my story.

When I set out to launch my first business, my mind was full of ideas. I had a massive to do list and there was no way I could accomplish everything I needed to on my own. So it was obvious I needed to hire someone to help me get started.

And since I didnt have an office yet, I didnt need someone to work physically in one location everyday, they could be home based most of the time. Plus I needed to attend meetings and events and really get the brand and my face out there. So I needed someone who can take on a lot of our marketing and social media so that our message was consistent, clear and certain. 3 C’s I had learned from marketing experts at Wells Fargo.

Not just in marketing, but in everything you do in and for a business, you need to be above all else consistent. If nothing else, Wells Fargo really got that one down. With the symbol of the stagecoach being a constant in American culture since the Gold Rush Days and the Wild West.

My mentor re-enforces the same theme of conistency every time he gives a public talk. If you set up a business to help other businesses, as a coach or consultant, your great asset to help their client is to provide consistent service. That service has to take away some kind of pain, solve some kind of problem or enhance some thing the client is already doing, and it has to do it consistently.

SO of course, the most important quality I require in all my employees is that they be consistent. Be on time. Deliver on time. Follow up on time. Respecting the client’s time is the easiest way to ensure a client becomes a long term one, and being inconsistent is the quickest way to get them to be a short term client.

Clarity comes in the form of your voice. The style you write in, the visuals you use to market yourself and your brand, and the way you interact with and engage your customers. The key to growing your business is to find others who can speak in the same voice you do when it comes to promoting your business. I look for talent that can do that. VAs have to feel like they are part of the company and that their efforts make a difference. If you can do that, you will see they can learn your voice and magnify your efforts.

Clarity is crucial in building your brand. I know because I helped Wells Fargo build up their Express Send money transfer service to go from 7th to 2nd in terms of daily remittance volumes. I took that experience and used it to make my analytics training brand, DMAI, THE name brand in analytics training in the Philippines and now I am hell bent on doing the same when it comes to providing virtual staffing solutions to entrepreneurs in the U.S. And everyone I hire, knows that this is expected in them as well. They will build your brand by learning your voice to give your overall approach the clairity it needs to be even more successful.

The 3rd C is the one I think is the biggest reason why we have had such great success in setting up virtual teams… certainty. Because I offer my VAs full employment, they stick around longer and deliver consistent, high quality work. They get healthcare and paid leave, which ensures they are in this for the long term. I also shy away from clients looking to do a quick project or ones who are just looking for cheap labor. I care about my team and I make sure my clients care about them. This explains why we have an attrition rate that is so low. Many VAs come and go, there is a high burn out rate and quality is very scattershot, but not from my team. Both my clients and my employees have certainty that they are getting value from each other that is long term and mutual.

So why Sonic VA? Because we offer consistency, clarity an certainty, which in today’s virtual space are not always easy to find.

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Daniel Meyer heads both Sonic Analytics and Sonic Virtual Staffing, sister companies that deliver both data analytics solutions and virtual staffing to businesses in the United States and the Philippines. With over 20 years in Big Data and Virtual Staffing, Dan is one of the most sought-after public speakers in Asia and offers big data coaching and analytics training seminars on both sides of the Pacific.

Sonic Analytics(www.sonicanalytics.com) brings big data analytics solutions like business intelligence, business dashboards and data storytelling to small and medium sized organizations looking to enhance their data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Sonic Virtual Staffing (www.sonicva.com) brings virtual staffing solutions like graphic design, social media management, bookkeeping and specialized virtual assistants for authors and professional speakers to small and medium sized organizations looking to scale on a budget and looking for 24/7 staffing options.

When not training current and future analysts, you can find Dan championing the use of analytics to empower data-driven citizenship by volunteering his expertise with schools and non-profits dedicated to evidence-based social progress.



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