Why Do Empty States Have Closed Minds on Immigration?

Why do the states with the most open space generally have the strongest views against immigration?

There are a multitude of reasons I can think of:

Love of Open Space

Fear of Outsiders

Not Liking Crowds

They Don’t Look/Sound Like Us

Don’t Like To Share

Prefer the Simple Life

That’s just a few, I’m sure you can add many more. But why do a seeming majority of people who live in the great wide open, take a stand against immigration? Really makes me curious.

Having been across the country many times, it never ceases to amaze me how big the U.S. is.

The amount of open space we have is truly amazing. In fact we have a lower population density than 80% of the countries on the planet.

Most of Us live big cities. Most of Us live along the coasts or waterways. And most of U.S. tend to favor immigration.

But for those of Us who live in smaller areas we tend to not want a lot of new people coming here.

Well, if you look at some of the data it seems that the U.S. in indeed underpopulated.

The U.S. has one of the largest amounts of arable land compared to other countries, we are situated with one of the world largest river systems right in the heartland of or country. (thanks Joshua Yeggy for posting the inspiration for this point on Quora)

The U.S. ranks 179th for population density, but is 1st for arable land and 2nd for agricultural land.

The only European countries with less population density than the U.S. are ones that simply cannot sustain it, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland.

These countries will likely not increase their population density much in the coming future, whereas, the U.S. has enough arable land and agricultural land to sustain much more compared to Europe, Russia, and India.

While everyone is worried about those countries becoming overpopulated, the U.S. arguably is underpopulated!

Factor this into the stone cold reality that we are at full empoylment and talent shortages are showing up in a varity of places. Not enough doctors in rural Middle America, not enough engineers in Silicon Valley, not enough agricultural workers across the South. Every day a different headline.

We have all this space.

We need more people to sustatin the safety net and continue to expand the economy.

We face significant challenges ahead to maintain a public safety net for most of Us.

Yet every day a signifcant number of Us arguing that immigrants are deleterious. Instead of acknowlidging how immigrants will be a vital part of the backbone of the very support system we need in their old age.

Our farms, our factories, our production plants, our hospitals, and even our tech companies cannot fill all their open positions; we have hundreds of thousands of people desperate to come here to work, work hard, and work in jobs many of Us can’t or won’t do.

And instead of integrating them into our workforce, many of Us now condone them being put in prisons, watch as their children are taken from them and say nothing.

And let us not limit immigrants to one who can work either; who meet a subjective standard on merit alone. If we truly stand for strong family values how can we say we want severely limit the ability of immigrants to bring in non-workers, those just like our President’s in-laws.

We have all this space. Why don’t we put it to work too?

We do the opposite in reality. Look how at the states with the lowest population densities voted for Trump in 2016.

from Wikipedia
States with lowest Population Density

People vote for a lot of reasons.




Party Loyalty

But lately not a lot are voting based on data.

When I look at the space, the need and the future it is so clear to me. Data speaks volumes.

Some days, most days actually, I think about these vast open spaces full of a relatively small number of Us.

Being close minded to immigration is dangerous. It is scary. It is un-American and now it is Us. It is no wonder how their votes have put us here as a nation:


Child Seperating

Asylum Denying

Freedom Selfish

It’s a bigger nightmare every day. We need the states who will benefit the most from immigration to have more of an open mind.

How Can We Turn Our Back On This American Truism?

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