Virtual Assistant Opportunities for Students — Part 1

Daniel Meyer
4 min readOct 4, 2022

Are you aware that there are an estimated 2–3 million Filipinos working as virtual assistants right now? And there are an additional 2–3 million unreported VAs who work part-time or freelance.

These virtual assistant opportunities are also available to students who want to try VA jobs as a side hustle. If you’re a student, you can undergo internships to gain work experience. All you have to do is find in-demand skills to offer to small business owners, particularly in the US.

Here are some skills that a Filipino virtual assistant can do for clients:

  1. Social Media Management — This is the most common type of virtual assistant job that you can provide to your clients. Every business, large or small, requires social media or an online presence in order to grow its brand. This is where you can help to raise awareness for their company, either organically or through paid advertising.
  2. Content Creation — This is one of the social media management services you can provide. It entails strategic and consistent daily, weekly, or monthly posting and engagement for clients’ accounts. And this content should be in line with their branding and business objectives. Content can be created for all of their social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and websites, among others.
  3. Graphic Design — You can contribute your artistic abilities by creating graphics or images for your client’s social media platforms. If you know how to use Canva, it can be a great place to start for students who want to be VAs. Make sure that the graphics you create for clients follow their brand guidelines and can attract attention in order to help promote their products and services.
  4. Video Editing — Video editing is another in-demand skill right now. More people consume videos online, and quick short-form or quality long-form videos can really catch your target audience’s attention. If you are good at recording and editing TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, and YouTube videos for your business, you will have a significant advantage when looking for a VA job.
  5. Bookkeeping — Small business owners need assistance in accounting and bookkeeping tasks including balance sheet management, tax preparations, QuickBooks support, and basically managing the day-to-day finances of the business. If you can work as a remote accountant or a bookkeeper, then you can definitely help your clients in this area of their business.
  6. Customer Service — Most business owners do not have the time to do this task on their own, so they delegate managing their customer inquiries, orders, and feedback to their VAs, which can be done on a variety of channels such as through phone, social media messaging applications and emails. This will ensure that your customers’ questions and complaints are dealt with without delays.
  7. Email Marketing — Another crucial service to offer to clients is the creation of email campaigns and ongoing client nurturing via email messages and newsletters, particularly when they are advertising a new product launch for e-commerce entrepreneurs or a new course offering for coaches, for instance. As a VA, you can assist them in getting the word out and raising awareness among both their current and potential email subscribers.
  8. Lead Generation — This is an important service to offer to clients because this helps them get continuous streams of leads or customers for their business. This can be done by outbound marketing or cold-calling, messaging prospect clients, and other client outreach strategies to generate warm leads for your clients. You can also help your clients streamline their sales processes.

If you are a student and you want to try doing VA jobs for foreign clients, then here are some of the services that you can assist business owners with and help them figure out what they need to get off their plates.

At SonicVA, we have a motto when talking to clients, it’s “Focus on what you do best, hire a VA to do the rest.” If you want to know more about SonicVA, follow me on my social media platforms and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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