Using Virtual Staffing to Build your Business

Daniel Meyer
4 min readFeb 11, 2020

We live in a tech driven world, where data is more valuable than oil, artificial intelligence has become commonplace in our lives and yet most entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t even have the time to post regular updates to social media.

In fact, even with all the technology at your fingertips few of us are able to generate revenue 24/7, 365 days a year, regardless of whether we are in the office or off on vacation.

But this shouldn’t be the case.

Imagine waking up in the morning and already having a full day’s worth of work completed, so you can dive right into doing what you do best. Learn how to scale your business right now by joining our managed virtual assistant program today.

How would you like to reclaim 60% of your time? Studies show that only 40% of an employee’s time (this includes everyone from individual contributors to C-Suite executives) is spent performing primary job functions. We all get way to distracted doing busy work.

To grow your business and have more balance in your life you have to assess how you are spending your time.

When I started my first training business, I did it all: arranged client calls, prepared financial reports, returned client messages and e-mails, scheduled meetings, and attended just about any meeting where it seemed their might be new business opportunity.

While I was more than capable of handling these daily tasks, I soon realized that it was draining me personally and hindering my ability to focus on the key things I needed to do to grow my business.

I soon found that the top benefits virtual assistants add to a small business are saving time, reducing cost, free up other resources, and eliminates many HR issues.

You might think you can’t afford a VA if you have a start-up, or don’t need one if your company is already established, but VAs can be game changers for almost any business. After all, there is truth in the saying, “time is money.” If you spend more time supporting your business instead of building it, you are not maximizing your efforts.

VAs can help with almost any type of essential, but time-consuming job. For example, database management, business reports, internet research, personal correspondence, gift sending, meeting planning, email maintenance, editing, social media maintenance, newsletters, banking, and travel arrangements.

And having a managed VA from Sonic Analytics means you are getting not just some to help you manage your workload. You are getting a person who will work hard to make you even more successful.

Here is what one of our team, Amor, has to say about being a virtual assistant with Sonic Analytics. “I feel blessed to work at the convenience of our home. What’s great is I find more time to do after work activities. I also save a lot of time and money from the daily commute and spending lots of cash with food and coffee. Best of all our company provided us benefits compared to doing freelance jobs and that’s the bottom line.”

If you identify what to delegate to an assistant, what can be outsourced to a virtual team and how to automate using Artificial Intelligence you will be much happier and more prosperous.

Like this post and want to learn more about what a Rock Star VA can do for you, watch this video:

Daniel Meyer heads Sonic Analytics, an analytics firm with offices in Manila, the San Francisco Bay Area and Ocala, FL. With over 20 years in Big Data, Dan is one of the most sought-after public speakers in Asia and offers big data coaching and analytics training seminars on both sides of the Pacific. Dan has also recently joined the Powerteam International family as a small business analytics resource speaker.

Sonic Analytics( brings virtual staffing and big data analytics solutions like business intelligence, business dashboards and data storytelling to small and medium sized organizations looking to enhance their data-driven decision-making capabilities. We also advocate the use of analytics for civic responsibility through training, consulting and education.

As citizens of this great democracy, we need to look at the data (analytics), plan a course of action (strategy) and share our data-driven viewpoints (presentation). This approach to a data savvy work force starts in school. So, we started an internship program to empower our youth to use Analytics, plan Strategy and Present their insights… ASP!

When not training current and future analysts, you can find Dan championing the use of analytics to empower data-driven citizenship by volunteering his expertise with schools and non-profits dedicated to evidence-based social progress like Saint Leo University’s Women in STEAM 2020 Conference.



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