Ten Year Ago I Wrote an Analytics Book

Daniel Meyer
3 min readJun 4, 2024


It is still relevant.

I wrote this to address a gap in analytics awareness.

That said, even as I update this book, we are still squarely in an MS Excel dominated world where we have an awareness of analytics, but not much has changed across most of the country. How is that possible? Let me explain.

I recently spoke at a gathering of about 400 procurement and sourcing professionals. People who depend on analytics everyday. As I surveyed them 90% use Excel as their primary tool for data analysis. And even the ones who have dedicated BI tools, still use Excel for 75% of their analytics work. As I reflect on the increased adoption of more sophisticated BI tools beyond Excel, such as Power BI and Tableau which have become more prevalent in professional environments, things remain mostly the same.

I have a lot of friends and colleagues who, from their respective at the tip of the spear, see a different story. They see A.I. being used successfully. They data science deeply ingrained in the companies they work with. They admire the broad talent pool now coming into the work force with a base line of good analytcis knowledge. But to a large extent, I have to say I think many of them are stuck in an echo chamber of sorts.

Over the past decade many new analytics jobs have been created like Dashboard Developer and BI Analyst in larger companies, however most of the old analytics jobs like Data Analyst and Reporting Analyst across the country remain the same. Even with the rise of cloud-based analytics platforms and integration with AI-driven insights, adoption rates are lagging. The curve is still very steep for the Philippines when it comes to successful implementation.

That’s why I’m back in the world of analytics in the Philippines. We seem to have moved the needle quite far for some, but for most they are still feeling stuck and behind. Why?

That’s what I intend to find out.

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Mr. Dan Meyer is the President & Founder of DMAIPH, an analytics and cirtual staffing agency which specializes in matching Filipino talent with American Small & Medium Business clients. Mr. Meyer holds a master’s degree in Education, has over 25 years of business process outsourcing experience and has been a leader in the virtual assistant industry since 2011.

Dan is also an accomplished public speaker and corporate trainer who has personally trained over 10,000 Filipinos in areas such as virtual assistance, data analytics, business process outsourcing and social media marketing & management. Dan’s passion is upskilling the youth with 21st Century skills like graphic design, video editing, & data analytics to empower them for the dynamic job opportunities that lay ahead for millions of Filipinos.



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