Soft Skills You Need to Have in the World of A.I. — Part 2

Daniel Meyer
4 min readSep 27, 2022

Have you come across the book by Bernard Marr, The Intelligence Revolution: Transforming Your Business with AI?

Bernard Marr listed nine soft skills that every business owner should look for in a team in today’s technology-centric environment.

And in my most recent blog, I addressed the first four soft skills he mentioned in the book: creativity, analytical (critical) skills, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal communication skills.

Let’s go over the other five equally important soft skills so we can fully understand how we can allow artificial intelligence technology to do more things for us and use it to our advantage.

Active learning with a growth mindset — Business owners should hire people who will grow into and beyond their roles. You want people who will be working with you on a long-term basis and long-term growth. Don’t fall into the trap of hiring people who have the exact skill set for a specific job that you need right now, only to have them get stuck and not grow in the role. Skills will become outdated even faster as AI and other rapidly advancing technologies advance.

That is why you need people who are eager to take on new challenges, learn from their mistakes, and actively seek to broaden their knowledge in the workplace. Bring in team members who are active learners who are always looking for new knowledge, skills, and experiences. These people are the key in your business.

Judgment and decision-making — Even during the initial interview stage, business owners should be able to assess the judgment and decision-making skills of the people who will join their team. To get to know your employees or virtual assistants better, ask them good questions. You can give them good exercises and assessments to ensure that you truly understand their decision-making abilities. Are they going to make the right decisions when put under pressure or when the going gets tough in business?

You will need people around our business whom you can rely on, so never undervalue this skill set. It will be important even in the digital age. Although technology can handle more mundane actions, humans are designed for higher-level and more complex decisions.

Leadership skills — We want to hire people who will eventually be able to take over for us. When you hire people or virtual assistants for your business, you should be able to see where they are at in their current career and where they will be in the future.

Have a vision for how they will progress in their job and into leadership. While not everyone will be a leader, everyone has the ability to lead. You want to develop your people’s leadership skills so that they can be more successful in their roles and become future leaders.

This is essential because the workplace of the future will look quite different from today’s hierarchical organizations– project-based teams, remote teams and fluid organizational structures. Common leadership traits to tackle issues and develop solutions will remain critical.

Diversity and cultural intelligence — Workplaces are becoming more diverse and open, so you need people in your team who will be able to respect, understand and adapt to others who might have different ways of perceiving the world. In this tech-centric environment, you need to bring in people that value diversity.

Cultural awareness is becoming more important because we need to understand how to work, relate and also sell to people with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs. We should have an inclusive mindset to create greater outreach and broader impact in the community. Our team should be technologically savvy but at the same time, works with diverse cultural intelligence

Embracing change — The rate of change right now is astounding, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. This requires people to be adaptable and to cultivate the ability to embrace and even celebrate change. So, surround yourself with team members or virtual assistants who are open to change and enthusiastic about progress.

As a business owner, you want people who can help your company grow with the skills they have in this AI-driven environment, so continue to empower them and find ways to use and improve their skills to transform your business.

Bernard Marr’s book is very timely, teaching us the importance of these 9 soft skills in an AI-driven world and how to use them for business success.

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