Why You Need to Make Binge Worthy Video Content

Daniel Meyer
4 min readOct 28, 2020


I often get asked by entrepreneurs, “How important is it to make videos to help market my business?”

If you are an author, coach, speaker, trainer, etc. my answer is generally along these lines, “We live in the Netflix Age of content consumption. Videos are THE way to communicate with your audience.”

Even before the pandemic, the shift towards the consumption of entertainment content at the time and choosing of the consumer was well under way. Network television has been on the decline for decades. The movies, although propped up by huge Hollywood blockbusters like the Avengers, have been losing market share to streaming services for year. And the days of having to buy a whole album just to get your favorite singles, is long gone. It is pretty obvious that from an entertainment perspective, the consumer has won.

However, until recently this has not been the case with business content. Before the pandemic, but far the majority of business content was consumed in person by attending workshops, seminars, conferences, bootcamps and any number of other events geared towards an in-person dissemination of knowledge, experience and stories designed to further one’s business success.

And we in the entrepreneur are struggling to adapt. Once it became clear that there would not be any large in person events any time soon, event organizers and speakers quickly pivoted to doing their events online. Within weeks we moved the content from in front of the room to in front of the web cam.

For me though, and for many others I have talked too this quickly burned itself out. For most of us going to an event was just as much about interacting with people as it was with learning new things. The short coming of Zoom conferences quickly became apparent. We could save money and time and wear shorts, but the events started to lose their appeal.

It is just not the same.

So, this led me to lean into recording video versus live streaming my content. I stopped hosting live events set up like a traditional event with a set start and stop time on a pre-selected day. I did this because I had recognized that most people really aren’t all that into attending online events that look like an online event of something we used to do in person.

My thought process at the time is still the same today. People much prefer to consume content on their own time, at their own pace and on a device of their choice. It really is the Netflix Age.

And it’s not just for entertainment anymore. Now it’s for business too.

And that is not going to change. The Netflix Age of Business Content Consumption is the new normal.

So the question is, how to we take advantage of this and pivot to making more quality videos to deliver value to our audience?

That is where YouTube comes in.

A lot of us are using Facebook Live to make quick videos and those have their place in our strategy, but they are not the centerpiece. Nor are recordings of talks delivered via Zoom calls.

Well planned, well produced, videos that follow a general narrative arc are the answer. And You Tube is the place.

Check out my channel to see where what I mean and feel free to subscribe.


If you have a YouTube channel, which most of us do… start by cleaning it up. Get rid of outdated, poorly shot or irreverent content.

Set up playlists to give your audience some structure that speaks to a variety of topics you talk about.

Focus on the first 10 seconds, they have to be attention grabbing.

Keep the videos as short as possible, while still sharing your story, delivering value and giving a call to action.

These are just a few things you can do to make a YouTube the center of your marketing effort. Once you have the video, you can slice it and dice it into sizzle reels, teasers, trailers, etc.

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