How to level up as a VA — Part 2

Daniel Meyer
3 min readJan 25, 2023

As a follow-up to what we talked about last week about how to become and stay successful as a virtual assistant, we’ll look at more information you’ll need to be a good virtual assistant and stay at the top of your field today.

Here are five more tips you should keep in mind to level up as a VA. Not only will they help your client, but they will also help your career.

  1. Their success is your success

No matter how skilled or amazing you are as a VA, if the client isn’t successful and doesn’t make money, they will let you go. So you have to look for clients that you can help succeed. Each client is different. You need to understand what success means to them. You have to know what their most important metric is, which is what they will use to decide whether or not to keep paying you.

2. Do the math

On social media, you may see a lot of posts from people who say they can help you succeed and make six figures as a VA. Some of them are real, but most of them are just trying to sell you a course or get you to join their team so they can pay you less and make more money off of you. So you should learn how to do the math. If you want to make six figures as a virtual assistant, it won’t happen right away. As a beginner, you have to figure out what you’re good at and keep leveling up. Keep getting better at what you do, and you’ll eventually be successful.

3. The money is in the follow-up

If you really want to make six figures, or whatever your goal is, you have to communicate effectively with your clients. Check in with them regularly to make sure they recognize your contributions and appreciate your efforts. Follow up frequently, and don’t assume things are fine until you’ve verified they are. When you and your client have reached a comfortable level of stability in your work together, it’s time to discuss the subject of increased pay and more convenient working hours.

4. Own your niche and lean into it

To be a successful virtual assistant, you need to recognize your strengths, put more effort into playing to those strengths, and truly own the niche you choose. The most important thing is to give some thought to both the destination you want to reach and the path you plan to take to get there.

5. Most clients don’t know how to be successful (Learn how to tell if a client will be successful or not)

You have to realize that most clients don’t know what they need to do to be successful, and your job as a VA is to figure out how to help them grow their business and make money. So, before taking on a client, you should evaluate whether or not you can actually help them. Choose those with the highest probability of success.

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