How to level up as a VA — Part 1

Being a successful virtual assistant requires having an entrepreneurial mind. As a VA, it’s important to approach your work as a business, not just another job. This means always being ready to level up and improve yourself while maintaining a positive attitude even when things get difficult.

Your success as a VA is twofold: first, you want to ensure that your clients’ businesses succeed. You accomplish this by providing exceptional service and utilizing your skills and expertise to assist them in achieving their objectives.

The second and most important aspect of your success is ensuring that you are constantly paid for your skills and services. You accomplish this by working hard to provide excellent value to your clients.

Here are five skills to master in order to help your client succeed while also ensuring your continuous success as their VA:

  1. Learn the client’s voice

Understanding the client’s voice is essential to assisting them in connecting with their target audience. Begin by researching your client’s industry, reviewing their existing content, and becoming acquainted with their brand messaging. Consider what their customers want and how the client communicates their key messages. Once you have a good understanding of their distinct voice, use it as a guide to communicate effectively with their customers.

2. Understand who the voice (the message) goes to

Understanding who receives your client’s message is also critical for developing an effective communication style for their customers. It assists you in ensuring that the message is tailored to the specific needs of their target audience and that the language used is appropriate for the situation. Knowing your client’s target audience allows you to ensure that the message is relevant and clear, which can aid in ensuring that the message is received and interpreted correctly.

3. Have empathy for the client’s struggle

Be observant enough to identify the aspects of your client’s business that are causing them problems. After all, they hired you because they recognize that they require assistance and are unable to do so on their own. Empathize with them and try to assist them by suggesting things that will help them be more successful.

4. Work within their system

Learning to work within your client’s system will allow you to provide the best service possible. It may not always be easy to subscribe to their system, especially if you believe you can do a better job compared to how the client wants you to do it, but don’t always assume you know more than them.

5. Master the vertical before mastering the horizontal

Mastering the vertical before the horizontal is a critical step in learning any skill. Focusing on the fundamentals of one or two tasks at a time will help you become more efficient and effective at executing them before moving on to more complex tasks. Furthermore, it will allow you to concentrate on the specifics of each task assigned to you and ensure that you are carrying them out correctly.

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Dan Meyer is the founder of Sonic VA, which specializes in matching Filipino Virtual Assistants with American Small Business clients and has been a leader in the outsourcing industry since 2011.

Dan is also one of the top experts in Virtual Staffing and has personally trained over 10,000 Filipinos in areas such as virtual assistance, data analytics, business process outsourcing and social media marketing & management.



At that sweet spot in life where I do what I love, am really good at it and get paid to do it… helping businesses scale using big data & virtual staffing!

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Daniel Meyer

At that sweet spot in life where I do what I love, am really good at it and get paid to do it… helping businesses scale using big data & virtual staffing!