Even though I Hope the Current Republican Party Explodes, We Still Need Conservatives

Spent part of the day at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum. It was really interesting. My first stop at a presidential library. Lots of things to think about.

Like many people my age, Reagan was the most dominant political figure of my teen years. At the time I really didn’t have much appreciation for what it meant to be conservative or liberal. I just knew it was cool to be an American and have pride in our country.

We got out of the 70’s where high oil prices, political corruption and hostage taking lead most of the headlines as I progressed through elementary school.

The 80’s seemed much more exciting to me as headlines about space shuttles, winning cold wars and being proud to be born in the U.S.

I imagine that my political perspective, shaped by many things, but mostly by growing up with Reagan veered to the right on most issues.

Back in the 80’s the Republican side was not so white, at least not from where I set. I read a lot about Wallace and other Southern Democrats and about how the Republican party was the party of Lincoln. Yes, there was Goldwater. Yes, there was the Christian Right and Pat Buchanan, etc. And, yes, Jessie Jackson and Geraldine Ferraro did things back in the 80’s the Republican party would not do, dare to be inclusive near the top. So maybe it was a lot more subtle, but for me it never seemed to be a defining characteristic of an entire party to be built on white supremacy.

40 years later, it’s a lot more clear. The current Republican party now attracts a lot of people who are clearly racist. The damage Trump has done and continues to do to the party might be beyond repair. They are no longer the fringe elements of the Republican Party, they are the base.

And this sickens me. But we still need a conservative balance to liberalism.

Fiscally we need a safety net that makes sense.

Practically we need to put more money into education and science.

Responsibly we need to take much better care of the planet.

Inclusively we need to have sensible immigration and be engaged globally.

For a long time, these were not just Democrat ideals. They were part of each platform.

Once (and I am confident it will be soon), Once we get past where we are now. Where racism runs rampant. Where its one group, desperate to hold onto what it has, gives way again to the needs of everyone.

To balance the big government tendencies that they have actually been in effect since 2001, we need conservatives.

To balance the excesses of big business we have seen unchecked in decades, we need conservatives.

To make sure we are globally competitive and act wisely when it comes to immigration, we need conservatives.

So that’s why I am trying my best to hold out hope that 2018 not only brings in a blue wave to get control of the county back into the hands of sane people, it also ushers out the people who got us here in the place by placating the mythical base of the “real American” from the red states.

I’m supporting Democrats, but I’m still a Republican. Because in the end I tend to fall on the conservative side of any issues.

And that is mostly thank to Ronald Reagan.

Love him or hate him, you can deny he loved America.

For a two party system to succeed, we need conservatives in the mold of Reagan to take control of the party again to have a back and forth with liberals like Obama. With a healthy middle ground between the two.

Maybe Reagan’s version of American, which is close to my vision, isn’t your version, but you have to admit it’s much preferable to what we have now.

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