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Daniel Meyer
3 min readOct 25, 2023


Virtual Assistants (VAs) can be incredibly valuable for small businesses, especially during peak sales periods like Black Friday.

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Virtual Assistants (VAs) can be incredibly valuable for small businesses, especially during peak sales periods like Black Friday. Get a VA onboard and ready to go, before Holiday Sales really kick off, for just $11 an hour.

You can delegate things like:

  1. Customer Service: VAs swiftly handle inquiries, ensuring timely and accurate customer interactions.
  2. Order Management: VAs process and track orders for seamless customer experiences.
  3. Social Media & Marketing: VAs schedule promotions and engage audiences, amplifying Black Friday buzz.
  4. Inventory Management: VAs monitor stock and liaise with suppliers, ensuring product availability.
  5. Website Maintenance: VAs ensure site performance and timely updates, providing a smooth shopping experience.

Here are five ways a VA can assist with your online Black Friday sales:

  1. Customer Service and Inquiries:
  • Responding to Queries: With the influx of customers during Black Friday sales, there’s likely to be an increase in questions and inquiries about products, shipping, returns, etc. A VA can manage these, ensuring that customers receive timely and accurate responses.
  • Live Chat Support: If your website has a live chat feature, a VA can be on standby to provide instant support, further improving customer experience and potentially increasing conversions.

2. Order Management and Fulfillment:

  • Processing Orders: As orders come in, a VA can help ensure they are processed swiftly and correctly. This involves checking order details, coordinating with suppliers if needed, and ensuring timely dispatch.
  • Tracking and Updates: A VA can keep customers updated on their order status, sending tracking information, and assisting with any shipping or delivery concerns.

3. Social Media and Marketing Support:

  • Scheduling Posts: Promote your Black Friday deals by scheduling and publishing posts on your social media channels. A VA can help create a content calendar, schedule posts, and even engage with followers by responding to comments and messages.
  • Email Campaigns: If you’re running email promotions, a VA can help design, schedule, and send out Black Friday newsletters and flash sale alerts to your subscriber list.

4. Inventory and Stock Management:

  • Stock Updates: With an increase in sales, it’s vital to keep an eye on inventory levels. A VA can help monitor stock, alerting you when items are running low or when restocks are needed.
  • Supplier Coordination: If you anticipate needing to restock quickly, a VA can help coordinate with suppliers, placing orders, and ensuring timely delivery.

5. Website Maintenance and Monitoring:

  • Ensuring Uptime: The last thing you want during a big sale is for your website to crash. A VA can monitor website performance, liaise with hosting providers, and alert you to any issues.
  • Updating Listings: If you’re launching new products or changing promotions throughout the Black Friday period, a VA can assist in updating product listings, prices, and promotional banners on your website.

By delegating these tasks to a VA, you can focus on strategic decision-making, product sourcing, and other core aspects of your business, ensuring a successful and efficient Black Friday sales event.

Mr. Dan Meyer is the President & Founder of Sonic VA, a virtual staffing agency which specializes in matching Filipino Virtual Assistants with American Small & Medium Business clients. Mr. Meyer holds a master’s degree in Education, has over 25 years of business process outsourcing experience and has been a leader in the virtual assistant industry since 2011.

Dan is also an accomplished public speaker and corporate trainer who has personally trained over 10,000 Filipinos in areas such as virtual assistance, data analytics, business process outsourcing and social media marketing & management. Dan’s passion is upskilling the youth with 21st Century skills like graphic design, video editing, & data analytics to empower them for the dynamic job opportunities that lay ahead for millions of Filipinos.



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