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Are you a fully engaged Filipino VA?

If you want to make your business relationship a successful experience for both you and your clients, you need to know how to do your job and to properly communicate things to your clients.

Good virtual assistant relationships are like any other employee-employer relationship. You, as the VA, may not technically be an employee to your client, but this is your job and your livelihood to provide online services to clients who are doing business. You also have to put your passion into their passion, and make their business your business.

Here are four attributes for you as a Filipino VA to stay engaged with your clients:

  1. 𝗖ommit for the best — Be committed to your client and it goes both ways. Pledge to be your best and deliver what’s expected from you. You have to do things in a way that your client wants them to be done. Understand what your client needs and do things in the voice of your client so that your working relationship will be seamless. An example is if you’re handling their customer service, creating products, visualizations, or social media, make sure that you’re doing what they want and what they’re looking for.

Spend time talking to your clients to ensure that you provide the best possible service product deliverables. Make conversations with them and understand each other’s expectations for you to give excellent service to them.

2 . 𝗔llow guidance — Have clear thoughts and let your clients guide you to be more productive at work. You have to keep learning. If you’re a VA to busy business owners, expect they won’t train you step-by-step about the job. You have to self-learn. Maximize what skills you’re best at, for instance, graphic design, social media, and branding. Make it seem like it comes from your client’s brain, not yours. If you need help or clarifications, ask your clients questions, engage with them, and keep learning from them.

Be open to feedback and conversations, and set expectations. Allow guidance from each other until you can do things and run your part in their business with less supervision and insights from your clients. After a couple of weeks to a month, you should be on the same page.

3. 𝗥emind yourself — Constantly remember why you are in the job in the first place. What is your “why” in what you do? Why did you start this business? What is your purpose? Don’t lose track of these things.

American business clients will delegate some tasks to you and need you to free up their time to scale and grow their businesses. Help them run the business. And you, as the VA, can work from home and use the skills based on your knowledge, technology, different online applications, and tools.

You want to ensure that you and your clients are fulfilling each other, and it only works if you understand each other’s “why.” You also have to build a relationship with them. Share a few things like birthdays and family situations– have a little conversation about that. It doesn’t have to be on the first few days. It will take time, but conversations and good relationships with your clients will help you long term, so care about each other.

4. 𝗘nough of complaining — You’re accountable for what you do. Quit moaning and focus on the good stuff about your client. You and the client should be on the same page. You are hired by a busy business owner who knows what needs to be done and wants to get it done and lighten off their load. This is also why you need to surround yourself with positive people, so you can have a positive attitude as well.

Master the horizontal before you go vertical. It means that you should be able to do one thing well, know every aspect, and then add on as you level up. This way, your client gets good value from your services and you can avoid having situations when there are misfires of expectations.

It would also be best if you were accountable for your learning because you’re not going to get training from your client most of the time, which is one of the biggest misconceptions of virtual assistants. It takes learning, patience, and practice. Don’t complain about it, and instead, put your shoes into your clients’ shoes. Care about each other and work together and that’s how you can be both successful.

These are the 𝗖.𝗔.𝗥.𝗘 attributes that you need to remember in order to stay engaged with American business clients and work with them long-time.

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